Cusina e Butega

Two new rooms dedicated to you

We inaugurate with you a children’s room with games and entertainment and a business space.

On our granddaughter’s birthday we started looking for a hall that could meet our needs in terms of space and, as other parents can understand, we wanted an equipped accommodation with games that could entertain and amuse our little ones.
Ferrara did not provide this kind of service and unfortunately we had to settle for an alternative arrangement that did not meet our expectations.

We have drawn inspiration from this experience and, at the same time, had the opportunity to enlarge the space of Cusina e Butega.
Why not fill the gap with an environment devoted to parties and ceremonies?
Here comes to life our idea,  a new area designed to let the kids party with many games and scheduled animation on Saturdays’ evenings and Sundays during lunch.

The requests we received over the years were of various nature and, in addition to the children’s room, we found that the need arose for an environment intended for business purposes, such as business conferences and meetings.
What better idea than to combine the duty of work with the delights of the palate?
From now on you can book the Business Room for meetings or for any other occasion.

We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for putting your trust in us every day. Our biggest gratitude comes from Your smile.