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Palio of Ferrara

Palio di Ferrara

On Sunday 18th March, with the Homage to the Duke celebration, has started the series of eight appointments which will eagerly phase the waiting weeks for the Palio of Ferrara, which will take place on the last Sunday of May.
They will be moments rich in tradition and culture in which ladies, knights, flag-wavers, musicians, jesters and fire-eaters will gather for a short ceremony, bringing local products and handicrafts items to the Duke, between suggestive games and choreographies that will bring the magical Estensi atmoshpere back to life.
Each contrada (the medieval -equivalent of- city quarters) will entertain us/you with a unique and original performance making us relive anecdotes typical of the reality of the Duchy of Este in the Renaissance.
These events will be special occasions to enter into the heart of the most awaited historical event of the year, symbol of a glorious and fascinating Renaissance.


  • Sunday 18 March: BORGO SANGIORGIO
  • Sunday 25 March: RIONE SANTA MARIA IN VADO
  • Monday 2 April: RIONE SAN BENEDETTO

  • Sunday 8 April: RIONE SAN PAOLO

  • Sunday 15 April: BORGO SAN GIACOMO

  • Sunday 22 April: BORGO SANGIOVANNI

  • Sunday 29 April: BORGO SAN LUCA

  • Tuesday 1 May: RIONE SANTO SPIRITO